Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries

Exposing the fraud and Hate of JoS

What HP Maxine Doesn't Want you to see

This site is designed to help expose the myths and facts about the Joy Of Satan Ministries. This rogue group, proclaiming to be a Satanist movement, is in reality a front for the American Neo Nazi movement, and has a little to do with Satanism as Star Wars has to do with Hindu.

This group, founded by Andrea Herrington AKA Maxine Deitrich, espouses some wild theories, based on plagarism and misinformation, and uses Satanism to inspire angry people, mostly teens, into Nazi-ism and tries to inspire a full on war against Christians and Jews.

 The Violent undertones of this rhetoric are seen throughout her writings, and the entire group is an affront to Satanism as a whole. With Missing clergy, threats and violent propaganda, a Nazi christian husband and plagarism and fraud charges as just a few of its problems, one wonders why no one has done this sooner.

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