Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries

Exposing the fraud and Hate of JoS

Who Are We?

Many people fear speaking out against Maxine, but not me. I am Tha Dark Sandman, owner and admin of http://www.sanctuaryofsatan.org/

 I have dealt with MANY former JoS members and felt it was about time someone had to speak out about this group.

 I have witnessed their shunning of kids searching for answers. Openly telling others to commit suicide. Threatening violence towards people, both public and not public figures and of course, using severe racial slurs against Jewish, african and other minorities. All the while claiming to be of a religion based on Zachariah Sitchkin's work, who himself was a christian.

I do not fear their wrath, and I make no apologies for this site.

If you want to waste your time threatenting me, calling me names and so on, send your hate mail to Sweeperdw@hotmail.com

If you want to discuss openly Satanism, go to the forum, http://sanctuaryofsatan.org or the website http://sanctuaryofsatan.webs.com

Trolls and haters will be banned from those sites, so if you wanna troll, troll my email.

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