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Most common issues

  1. Is Enki Satan?

    Most ACTUAL Sumerian Scholars say no. They say Enlil was likely the basis for Satan, not Enki. Enki is seen as the predecessor of Jehova.

    Sitchkin could not read Sumerian, and made his own assertions which have mostly been shown to be false with more research.

  2. Is The Al-Jilwah Satanic?

    Well the people who wrote it and believe it do not think so. It Stems from a difference of understanding on the word "Shaitan" in the book. To the Yezedi, it is not the same figure as the Abrahamic "Satan" and it is not a creator god either. It is the god of passion and love, and they have issued many proclamations denouncing the accusations that Shaitan is Satan.

  3. Is JoS Copywritten and in the Library of Congress?


    The numbers provided on the wbsite cannot be verified by LoC. you can confirm this yourself at www.loc.gov

    just type in either Joy of Satan, Maxine Deitrich, Andrea Herrington or the number she gives 12-16457

    you will get zero results on all of those, bcause LoC has never heard of it.

  4. Do the Gods come from planet Nibiru?

    Nibiru does not exsist, according to NASA, astrophysicists and astronomers. The force it would exert on the outer planets is non exsistant and if it did have an eliptical orbit it would have shot into the sun after seven or 8 rotations, meaning if it did exsist, it doesn't now.

  5. Are the meditations on the JoS website effective?

    Yes and No. Most of the system on JoS is stolen from other systems, like hindu, hermetics, buddhism and more. A lot of the prayers, meditations and rituals on there are more harmful than good, and i would not use their system as a guide to enlightenment.

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