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Posted by ThaDarkSandman on July 24, 2011 at 1:25 AM 2317 Views

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Reply Truth
7:01 PM on January 17, 2020 
I'm coming here as someone who found this website and read it when I was new to Joy of Satan.

It has been many, MANY years since then and I can tell you right now... I stayed with JoS and it is the realest thing on this planet that only proved realer in the years I've been part of it. I struggled with doubt because when xianity lied to me, how do I trust another religion, you know?

I now feel energy, I've influenced the lives of other people with very real magic seeing actual results with my efforts throughout the years, even very specific things that would have to be the biggest of luck and the most coincidental of coincidences... and happening again, and again, and again with my efforts proving the merit of everything on the website. I've advanced enough to actually know what it means to see ghosts, to speak with the real demons and our real gods. I am able to do things I thought mere fantasy and fiction all those years ago.

Only a fool dares deny the truth of something they haven't even tried... I tried xianity... and it failed me.... I tried True Satanism.... and it succeeded thousands of times beyond my expectations only proving the lie that xianity is and that these hostile extra-terrestrials trying to control humanity are real as well.

Do yourself a favour and unfuck yourself before your very soul wastes away into nothing as a slave lapdog...
Reply ThaDarkSandman
11:23 AM on July 30, 2013 
I wholeheartedly thank you for your patronage. Yes David Icke took the time to point out these clowns because so many younger folks become entangled in this mess. They talk about reptilians as well, but they actually worship the same reptilians Icke says are evil. I don't believe in them, but rest assured any group that would worship reptilian, new world order evil beings KNOWING that is what they were doing is concerning. Add in the racism and it is one hot, dangerous mess.

I would never tell one what to believe or not believe however, my message and that of the teachings of the Sanctuary of Satan which I founded are to always question, debate but to always respect others. I think this is a lesson you may want to take to heart. Personal experiences and feelings, to some folks, are proof enough, and you should respect that they feel that way if you are secure enough in yourself. If you know that YOUR personal truth is the right one for you, what does it matter what Joe Shmoe the Christian believes, as long as he does not infringe on your beliefs.

A trap many atheists fall into is either defending atheism, or denouncing and ridiculing any theistic ideas. This will not appeal your position to other folks, and in fact it will make life just a little more negative for all parties. Be you. Belive what you believe. Search for other ideas but when they don't fit into your paradigm, just drop them UNLESS those ideas, like JoS, are more than just ideas and are in fact either a scam or dangerous. I warn of JoS not even because I denounce the religious dogma, but because they are scamming and manipulating children.

I was of the Laveyan school for many years, but have opened myself up to more as I have gotten older. I think you should look more into Lavey, because if you read other works besides the SB, you may find Lavey had a spiritual side himself. He did not believe in one almighty god, or even many gods. He did believe in forces, much like I do. And he personified those forces, as humans have done for thousands of years.

I personally believe those forces, or "gods" are indifferent to us. They do not make our lives better or worse intentionally, they just exist. When a wave hits the shore, the sand gets effected, but this does not mean the wave had malignant or benevolent intent, just that the force of the ocean was working, and the beach was in its way.

Not trying to sway you, just giving you some food for thought. Thank you for your words, and may your life be nothing but positives, in this negative world.
Reply chris cox
10:02 AM on July 30, 2013 
i am not a member of any satanic org. but after playing and listening to these youtube video's, i will take your word for it and stay clear of the j.o.s. my reason for my decision, the j.o.s. does not take credit card/debit cards and requires a money order sent registered?! w.t.f.?! all these limitations are red lights to me.."wanna get ripped off? wanna be corrupted? wanna end up in jail and be forgotten and killed in the jail yard g.p.? i have visited the j.o.s. website at least ten times and have alsos discovered a Mr. David Icke even warns against the j.o.s. and i know whom he is, seen him on television and seen his site.

i will profess right now, i am no racist, racial separatist, not even a homophobe, but i do think white-light religions are total bullshit and reject them on the grounds of their contradictions, fairy-tales and thou shalt not limitations. i am an atheist and find anton levay to be very right on the money on many counts. those whom still believe in external deities to be intheir own way spiritually brainwashed babies. real people are free-thinking and are slow to believe anything without actual concrete proof.

chris cox
Reply Sylixia
3:32 PM on August 5, 2011 
tbh I think she just uses the Satanism bit to appeal to teen rebellion & recruit for her husband.

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